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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dr. Sketchy - Drawing Dior's New Look

I took a break from myself to indulge in an evening of drinking and drawing at Dr Sketchy. The theme of the day was Dior's New Look. You could call it an art club. You can check out previous sessions of mine. These days, the meetups are hosted by champagne lounge Flute Midtown.

Themes often involve all manner of geekery like comic-book characters, Green fairies and sci-fi perversions performed by saucy burlesque dancers. Sunday was a tribute to post WW2 fashion. A big fashion history fan Mademoiselle Quaintrelle posed in her cherished collection of vintage Christian Dior suits, full skirted dresses and retro-styled skivvies. (Great tip from Ms Quaintrelle, you can buy vintage styles spiral stitched, bullet bras from the website What Katie Did).

Dior's New Look was a celebration of the end of fabric rationing and restraint. The signature silhouette was an exaggerated hourglass shape. Tiny waists from starving through the war were highlighted in the sculpted jackets. Big skirts with yards and yards of fabric defined much of late 1940's and 1950's fashion trends.

With a two-drink minimum, you give into Flute Midtown's menu of champagne, cocktails and nibbles to accompany them. I can't say my arm was twisted too hard. Even more fortunate that the gentleman sitting on the next couch over, ordered a bottle of bubbly for himself and found he could not finish it. I was the lucky person he shared it with. Thank you, Dude.

My goal when I attend a Dr Sketchy session is to try to win back my admission fee in the form of liquor or prizes in one of their contests. Sometimes they are sexy and silly, but this time it was to make your drawing into a tribute Vogue Magazine cover. As you can see above, I loved the old-school covers when they used a script font. My mutual fashion history nerdiness with the model won me that round so I can return to future sessions for free. I drew the iconic Dior Bar Suit, a look Ms Quaintrelle was obsessed with and also owns.

Anyone who loves style should try fashion sketching. If you can't commit to a class, Dr Sketchy is the perfect antidote. How can you resist champagne, DJ curated playlist and sexy models in various states of undress? It is the perfect outing!
Photos and sketches by Mariana Leung

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