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Friday, February 10, 2017

#NYFW Nicholas K Fall 2017 Revolution

hip hop fashion
nicholas k fall 2017

Join the revolution! Nicholas K delivered my favorite collection from them ever since I have first followed the brand. Fashion designers all over this season's NYFW are taking a stand on the current world in creative ways. While some have models holding up protest signs, Christopher and Nicholas Kunz worked their design theme 1990s Hip Hop into a subversive opportunity.

nose ring earringThe collection itself blended elegant draping with 1990s urban silhouettes and styling. Jackets with fur collars were oversized for extra swagger. Dresses and tops were worn off the shoulder. There were chic versions of fuller, parachute-like pants ("Hammer" pants).

For accessories, berets, headbands and fantastic shiny gold or black metallic boots gave the models an urban attitude. The jewelry of choice were giant hoop earrings and nose rings. The color palette ranged from red, black, ivory, hues of metallic gold and shades of grey.

So why did I think this fashion show had subversive political messaging? The Hip Hop theme of the fashion complemented a badass performance by rapper Latasha Alcindor. Her rhymes spoke of forming a revolution, racial equality and emphasized other important themes of resistance and injustice.

Protest has many forms and can be made across all mediums. Nicholas K did it through a theme and musical performance while letting their Fall 2017 collection stand on its own.They managed to send a visual message on behalf of their brand for business. Separately, but complimentary, they sent a statement to your ears through voice and words. Is this a direction that fashion might be headed? Designers who are initially shy to make their NYFW platform an overtly political one can follow this example. Resist!
latasha alcindor
photos by Mariana Leung

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