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Friday, January 13, 2017

Leanne Marshall Spring 2017

How is your 2017 so far? I thought I would bring you some spring fashion from Leanne Marshall in light of the unseasonably warm weather in New York.  

The Project Runway alum showed a beautiful,  ethereal collection for modern Goddess dressing. There were many dresses in fluttery chiffon and transparent organza that had a luxurious feel. Yet despite that, Marshall somehow made it look casual and unfussy
 The dresses were paired with unexpected flat white thick-soled sandals, built for comfort over chic. The models either had natural hair or edgy, lopsided styles where it looked like it was barely pulled back. 

The overall effect felt like it was  statement of how the modern woman may will pretty things, but she is in control and will enjoy them on her own terms. She will not be a slave to her fashion, she will own the dress not the other way around.

If NYC weather keeps up like this, I might step into a chiffon frock from Leanne Marshall Spring 2017 before the month is out. Everyone needs to look and feel like a Goddess once in awhile.

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