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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#2016bestnine The Year of Ms. Fabulous

ms fabulous
At the end of the year, Instagram once again offers to show your #2016bestnine based on what their engines have determined to be your most engaged and liked photographs. I looked at them and tried to see if they reflected the year of Ms. Fabulous in any real sense, whether an algorithm could actually figure out what we actually liked or where we traveled. Surprisingly, that answer was yes.

Like #2015bestnine, it is evident I personally still love the color red. It dominated five out of the nine images like the year before. I am a bit surprised that four of these images features me as the main subject and I am flattered, as these pictures are chosen based on your likes. As they are me (in a bathing suit!) and one photo featuring famous full figure model Sabina Karlsson I would like to think that coincides with 2016's shift in the acceptance and celebration of diverse body shapes. A record number of mainstream designers featured real people on their runways for Spring 2017.

I was truly grateful to have the opportunity to travel to several of my dream destinations this year. I visited Thailand, Paris for my 10th wedding anniversary and to shoot Guo Pei's Haute Couture show, London Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week in addition to my home base here in NYC. All of those locations were reflected in the collection of nine.

As a photographer, my favorite runway shots feature the movement of the fabric. The fact that three of the top nine are images with flying fabric in motion on the models tells me that you guys like that too.

Another year goes by and for many, a rough one (judging by the trend in memes). While I was bummed out on a few things that happened in 2016, this group of my #2016bestnine showed me that there were plenty of fabulous moments to appreciate. Here's to slaying 2017 my friends!.

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