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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Charliewood: Faux Fur Flies at the Charlie Le Mindu NYC Debut

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charliewood nyc
fashion show charlie le mindu
In a world of corporate apparel, you forget how much fun a collision of fashion and art can be. French artist/designer Charlie Le Mindu made his debut on the New York scene on Monday night with his performance art fashion show dubbed Charliewood.
I became a fan of Charlie Le Mindu's from dramatic human hair embellished runways in Paris a few years ago. At the Cedar Lake space in Chelsea, the show was a series of performances from New York's most celebrated artists. Debbie Harry was the grand hostess introducing the artist to a Gotham crowd, wearing one of his two-toned, long haired coats.
Various models in elaborately constructed headpieces strolled around the room while a giant mouth beckoned guests towards another space. A cabaret stage had dancers in avant-garde bodysuits and sculpted hair corsets titillating viewers. The mainstage had more dancers representing different body parts. Another dance featured great use of black light with long-haired neon embellishments on black bodysuits.
Burlesque queen Dirty Martini was sexy and hilarious playing a glam chicken lady. She wore a soaring feathered headpiece, feathered train, chicken beaks as pasties and mask. She trailed a grocery cart of eggs then handed out fried chicken from her crotch while sitting on a haystack. Punk drag performer Christeene rapped out an energetic performance on the spinning pedestal at the center of the bar. Breast-shaped cake truffles were served in all colors of flesh.
The crowd was the who's who of New York's art and fashion scene. It was full of designers, some fashion writers like me, models, actresses, artists. It was the kind of fabulous event that I miss from the 1990s where people were celebrated for being against the norm, and anything could happen. Wow, I really loved those days. Thank you Charlie Le Mindu for bringing Charliewood to NYC.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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