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Saturday, September 17, 2016

#LFW: Ryan Lo Spring 2017

I landed in London. Unfortunately, my luggage, camera gear and clothing did not. I am not even able to refresh in my hotel room yet. Luckily, London Fashion Week will have me and the fanciful collection of Ryan Lo brightened up my day with this candy colored collection. I apologize for the subpar photos as I was only armed with my phone today.

The soundrack included everything from Disney's Aladdin to The Bangle's Walk Like An Egyption. The runway was decorated with extra-long metallic streamers. The models were styled like wide eyed dolls. The designer drew upon exotic locales, Venetian clowsn, genies and Japanese chilhood character Chibi Maruko Chan. 

Ryan Lo is known for lots of ruffles and super girly looks. There was a harem pant or two thrown in. I think I am obsessed with the adorable teapot print that was used in the fabric. I can't think of anything that screams London more than that. The feathered tricorn hats struck a dramatic look on the runway paired with the model's doll-like makeup. These hats were a collaboration with milliner Stephen Jones for a romantic pirate vibe.

The little bags of Turkish delight left as treats on the seats of the fashion show lined what the designer called his "anime desert runway". He dedicated the collection to late fashion hero Sonia Rykiel. 

Happy London Fashion Week and congratulations Ryan Lo on your Sprint 2017 show. Your collection brought a smile to my face like nothing else today. 

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