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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NYFWM: Robert James Spring 2017

The rock n' roll continued through Robert James' spring 2017 collection last night. The Ohio designer has commited himself to making classic menswear with a modern twist. The look had a British rocker slant to it with models who looked like a young Mick Jagger. The fit was very slim on the pants and jackets. Animal print and leather gave an edge to tailored pieces. 

The overall presentation format was highly effective. Emerging designers take note. The venue was not big compared to other fashion week locations. Rock band equipment was places throughout to add some ambience. Models posed on either side of the columns and rotated throughout the duration to strut down the center aisle like a runway. This created multiple photo opportunities for any guest. This also worked for a collection of fewer looks than your standard catwalk show. I loved that the models injected their own personality into their turn on the runway. 

Since the collection rotated through over and over again, it allowed for more guests to see the presentation whenever they arrived. The presentation felt intimate in that space and the models relaxed attitude helped that as well. 

The Robert James collection is a great label to follow for gents looking for a good wardrobe of fashion forward classics to live by.

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