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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NYFWM: Nick Graham Spring 2017

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nick graham nyfw
Woo hoo! More partying in Cuba! Men's underwear guru Nick Graham took us away from the tobacco fields and back to the 1950s when Havana was a global playground for everyone from mobsters to royalty. For the Nick Graham Spring 2017 show, the venue was filled with tropical foliage while samba dancers kept it festive.

Warm weather suits in seersucker, madras fabrics and linen were the standouts of the collection. Vibrant florals and tropical prints were a nod to the famous Tropicana club of Cuba. The hints of military camouflage patterns were an acknowledge of the revolution that was brewing during this time period.

The music had models and guests dancing. I loved the International spirit and "getaway" theme of the show. There was an enthusiastic announcer introducing each model and their nationality when he was about to strut down the runway. Ushers were dressed as airline stewardesses and the programs were designed to look like a plane ticket. As with most menswear shows, there were female models wearing the tailored looks as well. With Nick Graham, the cross-dressing aspect was given a cheeky acknowledgment with the model sporting a dramatic mustache.

As a Canadian passport holder, I'm not sure what has kept me from visiting Cuba all this time. Nick Graham Spring 2017 certainly found inspiration there, Maybe I will too.

nick graham fashion
photos by Mariana Leung

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