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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Steampunk Cosplay on TV

I am not comfortable with personal OOTD blog posts. When I do post myself in an outfit, it is part of the narrative of a bigger event. This time, it was part Steampunk Cosplay, part description of my side gig. As a non-millennial adult, it is tough to rationalize the public documentation of your daily clothing choices. It becomes less rational when those outfits are categorized as a costume or alternative subculture.

Steampunk and Gothic fashion have always been a passion of mine, but outside of NY Comic-Con reports or the Steampunk Faire, I don't find opportunities to indulge myself. I moonlight as a background actor in between daytime gigs as part of my geeky nature. When the casting call came down from Central Casting for Steampunk fashion characters, I jumped at the chance.

steampunk on tv
I brought hand-tooled leather top hats, immaculate brass goggles. I wore an embroidered fascinator I made myself. I paired my look with a soft tulle bustled Byron Lars Skirt and Brocade Steampunk corset ensemble from Corset Story. The statement necklace, surprisingly, was from J. Crew. I sent my sister this Instagram pic that morning and told her I was required to look this way for work. Knowing me, she didn't even question why she just responded with "Of course you are."

Ultimately, they needed less Steampunk and more of a vintage fashion with an edge look. Many of the goggles were eliminated. The set was a gorgeous old private townhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The shoot was for the season premiere of Difficult People on Hulu. The scene within the episode was brief but looked damn good!

It was a funny scene that starred Billy Eichner, Julie Klausner and guest stars Sandra Bernhard and John Mulaney. As talented as they are, the scene-stealer was the immaculate townhouse location. The scene itself was a parody of hipster, faux old-timey culture and the pretentiousness of the people who revel in it.

Shoutout to the beautifully dressed and eccentric, fun, friendly cast members who were also part of this Steampunk cosplay scene on Hulu's Difficult People!
steampunk party hulu

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