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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Maaji 2017

maaji fashion show
The winner of best styling of Miami Swim Week goes to Maaji's Summer 2017 runway show. The Columbian swimwear brand always takes a theme and go crazy with it. This season, it was a 1970's, weekend getaway, summer camp vibe. I watched the super-charged energy of the rehearsal with glee, knowing this would be a terrific fashion show to shoot.

Unfortunately, the roller skating models were taken out during the actual show as there were too many accidents waiting to happen. Big bunches of balloons, giant inflatable doughnuts, surfboards and all manner of pastel props like oversized cameras, radios and sunglasses were part of the theme. Large lifesaver rings were perfect for framing certain parts of the body. Exaggerated ice cream cones and sippy cups provided a provocative prop for models to pose with.

Motifs were mermaids and sea-inspired. There were retro patterns and a sunny bright pastel color palette with rib knits and textured jacquard. In addition to swimwear, there were athleisure pieces and board shorts for the guys. Dresses had 1970s style ruffles. The athletic wear was more functional than pure fashion. There were printed soft nylon mesh fabric with engineered supportive bras and compression features in the zippered bottoms. The models may have been loaded up with accessories for a theatrical catwalk, but deep down, Maaji gear is for active lifestyles.

You have to love a brand that produces a show with a Go Big or Go Home attitude. Maaji summer 2017 is one of my favorite design labels to show in Miami, and they did not disappoint.
maaji miami fashion
Photos by Mariana Leung

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