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Friday, June 10, 2016

Pamella Roland Resort 2017

Resort style is about heading out to the sun. Pamella Roland's fashion show at the Bulgari store Wednesday night was presented as a ray of light. As a board member of the Whitney Museum, she took inspiration from contemporary American artists James Turrell and Spencer Finch. She had looked at both their use of color and sculptural shapes to act as a muse for her Resort 2017 collection.
There was an inner glow to the collection (helped by the lit floor). The long, flowing lines of the dresses as well as the simple, draped pleats served to elongate all of the body lines when worn.
The fabrics were light, luxurious and breezy. Crepe, silk faille organza served as the canvas to cut bugle beading. The embroidery ranged from long linear motifs of reflective beads to emulate rays of light or a build-up of beads in an ombre or degrade pattern like a three-dimensional glow. The color palette was a serene white, silver, rose quartz and serenity blue (Pantone's top colors for the year). There was also pale iris and richer blues and staple black as part of the mix. 

I asked designer Pamella Roland where her ideal "resort" destination was. Her collection here is much more formal than most resort collections. That and the elegant pairing of Bulgari jewelry looked like a black-tie holiday. She said she was headed to Capri, a perennial favorite of hers. If that's the case, that little island has a much stricter dress code than I thought. Roland's Resort 2017 collection was a beautiful presentation of eveningwear, and I only hope that my next vacation is worthy of it.

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by Ms. Fabulous at Mode

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