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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blogger Love: Reminiscing Personal Fashion Memories

Independent Fashion Blogger author Lisa Walker was the curator of this week's Blogger Love round-up. Here she is reminiscing on her own fashion memories:

I own a Dries Van Noten Dress {going on 8 years now} that I’ve never worn. I know, I know. Read that decluttering book by Marie Kondo… yadda, yadda, yadda. However, you see, it does spark  joy when it’s on the hanger sitting in my closet. And while every try-on session ends the same way–a return to the hanger–the beauty of this dress keeps me hanging on.
Something that I’m not hanging onto is a trend from my youth–acid wash. Could it really be making a comeback? Considering the example look this go round, this new version will be far less… grody to the max. IFB Bloggers also shared their trend plans for Summer with culottes, printed leggings, stripes, and white jeans. Posts on fashion minimalism and wearable tech seem at odds but both relate when it comes to being a true fashionista.
How-to’s were also popular. How to Vegas. How to creative process. How to beautify. Recipes that don’t come from Martha, but some favorite bloggers. And whether you are preparing a handbag for second hand selling or your personal collection needs a little tidying, there is great advice on how to care for them. Read on for more insight in the world of fashion.

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