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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Steampunk Fashion Show from The World's Faire

Are you hungry for more corsets? In addition to the fabulous Steampunk fashion street style of the event, the Steampunk World's Faire hosted a formal fashion show with models showcasing the work of seven designers.

Redfield design organized the event and led the charge with vintage and period-piece inspired costume designs. Rachel Belladonna had a sweet collection of Lolita dresses. As They Sew In France (love the name) displayed Victorian and Edwardian fashion for men and women. My favorite was the collection from Midnight Orchid Designs. Designer Ginger Seibert specializes in costume design, Steampunk and belly dance garb. Her collection had some terrific silhouettes and witty fabrications. That blue dress on the right had a dramatic bustle and a corset that looked like it was pieced together with tiles on one side.

The fierce man in the top hat is "Professor Adam Smasher" of the performing duo Eternal Frontier. He and his partner Baron Von Zipple MC'd the event with humor and admiration. Just so you know, all Steampunk men are either "Professor", "Captain" or a "Baron".

Enjoy more looks from the Steampunk fashion show at our video below:

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