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Monday, April 11, 2016

Theia Fall 2016 - In the Spirit of the Mad Marchesa

theia feather dress
theia fall 2016
Theia's Fall 2016 evening wear collection found its inspiration the legendary Marchesa Luisa Casati. 'IT' girls today may take selfies, but real socialites inspire painters and designers for decades after their passing.  

luisa casati cheetahsDesigner Don O'Neill was smitten with this painting of the Marchesa by Joseph Paget-Fredericks depicting her walking her pet cheetahs in an elegant ensemble. Casati was remembered as an eccentric who favored exotic patterns, extravagant headdresses, and muse to designers like Paul Poiret. Vintage photographs show her with wild curls, dramatic jewelry that framed her madcap spirit. Her most notable accessories included wearing live snakes as her statement necklace.
The Theia fall looks to pay tribute to her in exotic animal brocades with a metallic sheen. There rich
embroideries of gold, jet and crystal jewels. Other fabrics included textured florals, foil laminated prints. My favorite gown was the fishtail gown of black, metallic burgundy and navy with an elaborate beads feather curling around the spine, almost like a tattoo. It's that dress that makes a spectacular entrance; the gives you a further surprise when the wearer exits. If that doesn't suit an eccentric Marchesa, I can't imagine what else will.

While there was certainly shorter cocktail dresses and day looks in this collection, fall 2016 was defined for me with the elongated 1930s silhouettes. A woman posed in these gowns shows off all the right curves of her body. The slim top shows off the arms so she can carry a cigarette holder, handbag, yes even a wildcat on a leash and it will look dramatic.
beading on gowns

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