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Friday, April 15, 2016

NY Bridal Week: THEIA Spring 2017 Sci-Fi Bride

theia bridal 2017
theia wedding dress

Wow. Just wow. THEIA's runway show for NY Bridal Week put the BANG in big bang theory. The name THEIA refers to the Goddess of light. For his spring 2017 bridal collection, designer Don O'Neill created a futuristic runway around his belief that the concept of love is represented by pure, white light. 

theia bridal gown

The look of the collection was inspired by the underwater photography of Rafal Makiela . The rippled silver backdrop and catwalk reflected light onto the bright white fabrics. Reflection was a running theme in the materials from this collection. There were foil printed silver and white fabrics.

Rafal Makiela underwater photo
Silvery laser-cut paillettes. There were several "naked" dresses that highlighted incredible beading that looked like swirling stars. There was a gown with a plasticized nylon bodice, another with glazed sequin embroidery.
The most dramatic looks were the ones that looked like they were dressed for the wedding of a science fiction fantasy. There was a silk crepe gown that was orbited by a sparkling starry halo (a much more interesting alternative to a veil). Another stunning look was a tall "vortex"collar made of raffia that framed the model. The final look of a crystal corset seemed to defy gravity. It really did look like water had been splashed against the model and just hung in the air.

Some of the accompanying bouquets that were carried by the brides were equally space-worthy. Elegant orchids were entwined with silver and crystal tentacles. Platinum spears were arranged with spiky plants I couldn't even recognize. Do you think the science fiction element stops there? All of the bridal looks were named after characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and other genre films like the Fifth Element, The Matrix, and Alien.
star wars wedding

 The floral artist was Fleur de Pascal, who just happened to be the fiance of the designer. Their upcoming nuptials will be taking place by Don O'Neill's hometown. It was also pointed out to me that it was also near the site of where they were filming the next Star Wars movie.

The THEIA Spring 2017 bridal collection was not only romantic on many levels, but it was really fun. The avant-garde looks and geeky references hit me where I live. I can't wait to see photos from the upcoming wedding and hope there are just as many sci-fi references there too.
Runway photos by Mariana Leung

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