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Sunday, April 17, 2016

NY Bridal Week: Houghton's Boho Brides Spring 2017

houghton brides 2017
houghton bridal spring 2017

While NY Bridal Fashion Week is taking over the East Coast, Coachella is taking over the West. Houghton's bohemian brides are bridging the styles of both ends of the country with their relaxed chic for the groovier set.

The multi-level townhouse presentation saw models lounging and posing in Katherine Polk's romantic layers of ruffles and catsuits. These aren't the bridezillas who reign over the Plaza and terrorize teams of vendors and bridesmaids for her "vision". This is a bride who is ready to run away to get married at the beach or local park at midnight surrounded by her closest friends.

More street style than the cathedral, the silhouettes were long and soft. Some rompers and stockings could be paired with petal embellished tops. Shoulders were clearly the body part that was the focus of the season. Many of the pieces could be worn on the big day, or as a statement piece any day. Maybe that is how a laid back bride in this day and age wants. Not everyone intends to be a medieval princess. Shouldn't your wedding day just be an extension of your personal style? The House of Houghton bride thinks so.

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