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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Zang Toi Fall 2016 - Exclusive Interview

zang toi fall 2016
luxury ski wear

Of course NYFW fell on the coldest winter days of the entire year. Fashion designer Zang Toi made the most of it with the most luxuriously cozy winter collection on the runway. He often designs the season around a destination he fell in love with.

We went backstage to chat with Zang Toi to find out the inside scoop on fall 2016:

Ms. FABulous: What was the great inspiration for fall 2016?

french alps resortZang Toi: Fall 2016 was inspired by my Christmas trip to Courchevel in the French Alps. You'll see more ski-inspired sporty looks.

Ms. F: Are you a skier yourself?

ZT: No! But I love the coldest weather. I love the snow. Snow makes me happy! Every winter I try to go to the coldest place in Europe. This season I picked Courchevel, one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the French Alps.

Ms. F: What were your colors and fabrics?

ZT: I decided to go with mostly shades of gray and black. In between, there are some surprise colors you don't normally associate with Zang Toi. There are pops of red and grape color, "La raisin" and "La rouge". This is more understated than last season but more luxurious. I achieved different textures with alpaca wool and metallic. There are all different furs. There is a flat top pyramid texture and also textured beading. It's all about textures this season.

Ms. F: How is your family?

ZT: Family is good! Unfortunately my big brother couldn't make it this season. It's the first time he'll miss the show. While he was packing to leave, he realized his visa was expired. With Chinese New Year, he couldn't get it renewed in time. The poor photographers (in the riser) won't have their chicken buns for the first time!

Ms. F: Oh no! I know everyone has really appreciated them over the years and appreciate you. Good luck and thank you for your time!
nyfw backstage

The collection was indeed incredibly luxe. I loved the rich cashmere, and pyramid fabric and the different furs as he had promised. I don't know if you would really want to wear these gorgeous looks on the slopes and have them beat up with dirty snow. The clothes were more like a 5-star fantasy of what a ski wardrobe would look like if you had an unlimited budget and your skis were made of platinum.

The multiple shades of grey and black fit in perfectly for New York City. The rich red and purple were for that super glamorous black tie apre-ski gala in my head. The models were styled with their impeccable hair back in beaded toques. Classic red lipstick evoked a vintage Hollywood elegance.

While we all know about his dramatic ballgowns, the skiwear with slim pants and ultra-luxe leggings were great options for sophisticated daywear. Also, hands-down, Zang Toi makes the best tights.

For Fall/Winter 2016, I don't know that you'll see the Olympic team wearing these clothes. However if you find some beautiful princess on the slopes posing with her entourage, I can't imagine a more fitting wardrobe than Zang Toi Skiwear.
Runway photos by Cassandra Past, backstage, Mariana Leung

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