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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Toronto Fashion Week: Gender Bending Sosken by Marisa Minicucci Fall 2016

Feeling cozy? Montreal designer Marisa Minicucci produced a sleek warm outerwear collection for the Toronto Fashion Week runway. Fall/Winter 2016 was an exploration of androgyny for the Sosken label. The conversation around gender fluidity is at an all-time high. The silhouettes for the jackets and coats had strong shoulders and a lean cut.

There were dark black, charcoal and browns with highlights of cream, red and blue. Textured wool houndstooth and plaids were in the mix. All the classic fall and winter fabrics and colors but with fresh, modern designs. Fur as an accent was the big star of the catwalk. There were fur capelets, scarves, handbags, messenger bags, muffs, foot warmers... It's Canada. It gets cold.

Marisa Minicucci as a designer, loves to constantly redefine sportswear and her overall creative outlook each season. As a woman, she thinks a lot about how the customer incorporates her clothes into her lifestyle. Unlike many male designers, she designs to flatter women of ALL shapes and sizes, not just the model. I find that to be the strength of female designers in general.

We might have had a light winter this year, but with Sosken's great outerwear from Marisa Minicucci, I am ready for next winter.

photos by David TW Leung

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