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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mywalit is Making My Season of Color

It’s finally spring! As a New Yorker, I am often accused of wearing too much black. For my spring 2016 resolution, I am vowing to make it a season of color. I started with a cute leather good that I received from Mywalit, a brand founded in Italy in 2005.

Their collections of handbags and wallets are designed with a distinctive color block style. Each piece is stitched and cut by hand. The company sources super soft leathers from around the world for the best quality and feel of the product.

Every season, Mywalit collections celebrate different cities around the globe. The colors are inspired by the energy and people of that location. This season’s feature is Cape Town. My wallet’s colors of sunny orange, seafoam, violet and fuchsia find its muse in the South African city. South Africa can be characterized as a location where the sea meets the sun. Drummers, dancers and vibrant street art are also part of South African culture. 

My Hubby gave me an incredible painting over the holidays that echo the same spirit. It has rays of global colors shooting all around me as I stand in front of it. My jacket is a mix of traditional fabrics and textures that were sourced from around the world and embroidered with worry dolls that I thought would match the Mywalit shades. My nails are a darker violet than the one on the wallet, but accented with huge sparkles like the night sky.

Anchoring your outfit of the day around your favorite accessory can be a fun way to go. Starting with the wallet’s color palette, I chose my shoes, handbag, jewelry and ultimately clothing to complement the hues. I found this was a much more interesting way to build an #OOTD. Most days I start with a little black dress and inevitably keep adding more and more black.

Spring is for new beginnings, new colors, new ideas and new labels to shop. Mywalit has beautifully made pieces that are perfect to update your wardrobe for the new season. If you haven’t heard of them before, this is a lovely label to check out. They are not trendy, but design driven. The craftsmanship is meant to last through multiple seasons. As opposed to fast fashion, leather goods are worth investing in. Explore their other styles by connecting with them on Mywalit's Instagram for spring style inspiration.

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