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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Best Dressed at the 2016 NYC Easter Parade

qi pao easter
easter parade 2016

Happy Easter my fashionable bunnies! Yours truly got decked out in my Byron Lars spring dress and a big pink flower bonnet I made the night before to stalk the stylish folk of the NYC Easter Parade on 5th Avenue. I took so many photos of the creative looks that I think my camera started smoking. My favorite shots are in the slideshow below. 

It's funny. You wouldn't think that Easter bonnet style would have trends from year to year, but after shooting the last few years, I discovered each year has distinct styles. In 2016, I noticed that fashionable groups have put more of their culture into their Easter looks. The American Qi Pao society showed off modified Chinese style for spring. I saw a stunning woman shimmering purple African dress glide through the avenue (slideshow). 

Another look is the elegant flower chapeau. These are elaborate floral sculptures paired with very refined or black tie outfits. My inspiration for this is legendary costume designer Rosemary Ponzo (in the red roses) whom I hunted down at the parade.

Easter Parade Dogs
Dressed up dogs are a popular accessory. This year I saw more dogs than ever (one carriage transported seven!) Hats, flowers, tutus, bunny ears and dresses were all a part of the pup's wardrobe today. I saw ONE actual live, lop-eared bunny who looked terrified (see slideshow). 

With Iris Apfel being fashion's top influencer these days and the popularity of the senior style icons of Advanced Style, it is no surprise the men and women ruling 5th Avenue are the elder generations. The most elaborate looks of the parade belonged to New Yorkers who have attended many a parade and knew how to work their looks better than everyone. 

I saw many a paper strip hat on 5th Avenue. I guess that speaks to the trend of recycling, but others just remarked that people were wearing garbage. It turns out that someone had set up a table for crafts at the northern end of the parade. 

One of the most fun, NYC-specific trends were the bonnets made in tribute to New York City landmarks. There were soaring hats built in the shape of the Empire State building and Chrysler building. There was one hat for the Natural History museum that including dinosaur skeletons. There was a TKTs booth for Broadway. There were a Bergdorf Goodman/Sex and the City tribute tower of hat and many more Gotham spots. 

So I hope you had a terrific Easter weekend my peeps. If you were at the parade, send me your pics! Next year, join me at the NYC Easter Parade and dress up!


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