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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NYFW: Rubin Singer Fall 2016 Homomorphism

rubin singer runway
rubin singer design

One of the first fall 2016 NY Fashion Week collections I shot was Rubin Singer. His inspiration was an unusual one for fashion. His muse was the use of mathematics, constant formulas and homomorphism. For those of you are rusty on your arithmatic, homomorphism is defined as "a transformation of one set into another that preserves in the second set the relations between elements of the first." That is quite a brainy theme for a luxurious eveningwear collection with some drama.

So where do we see these mathematical equations? There were some laminated geometric fabrics that formed into three-dimensional shapes. There were cut-glass embroidered appliques shaped into irregular hexagons. We saw layered satin and leather folds that were rotated around calculated angles. 

The body silhouettes however, were much more fluid. Gorgeous gowns were draped into classically elegant shapes with more of a 1960's and 1970's vibe. Using his technical skills, he masterfully manipulated combinations of duchess satin and heavy Indian lambswool with lightweight silk chiffon into softer ruffles.

rubin singer fall 2016

 You may not know Rubin Singer's fashion designs from the stores (though he IS sold at Neiman Marcus). You ARE familiar with his work on tv and the stages of top divas like Alicia Keys and Queen Latifah. Remember that fierce Beyonce outfit from the 2013 Superbowl? That's Rubin Singer. With his fall 2016 collection he is seducing us mere mortals to wear his gowns. That is, if us mere mortals had the red carpet and full stadium of fans to wear it for.

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