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Monday, February 15, 2016

NYFW: Nicole Miller Fall 2016

nicole miller hat
nicole miller fall 2016

This weekend had the coldest Valentine's Day on record in 100 years. Nicole Miller didn't want people to feel miserable in winter fashion. She was determined to put out a "happy" Nordic style collection to beat the cold.

photos by Mariana Leung
Instead of the usual pointelle sweaters and skiwear references, Miller played around with trompe l'oeil prints on fabrics with a metallic sheen. Embroideries included alpine and Nordic motifs all over long dresses. Deep color flower prints were printed on black ground fabric in line with her signature brand look.

With the cold weather, I had to restrain myself from snatching the big fur hats, stoles and vests right off the models as they walked the runway. Speaking of the walking the runway, it looked like the ladies were walking on a frozen sheet of ice with the faux fog rising up from the ground. It was a simple effect, but highly effective.

Cozy up to Nicole Miller's Fall 2016 in front of a fire and bring that hot chocolate.

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