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Friday, February 19, 2016

NYFW: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2016 - Dark Elegance

marc valvo fw16
carmen valvo fall 2016
menswear carmen marc valvo

The opening page of Carmen Marc Valvo's Fall 2016 run of show started with a poem listing muses of sequins, moonlit nights, champagne, caviar, laquered lace, serpentine scrolls and starry skies gilded with gold. Clearly Mr. Valvo was in quite the romantic mood when he conceived of this collection.

Indeed his latest eveningwear runway did reflect this poem. There was a lot of gold and seductive silhouettes. The color black dominated many of the looks. There were luxurious touches of cashmere and mink that is an upgrade from the collection I interned for over 20 years ago. Menswear was also not a part of the Carmen Marc Valvo brand back in my day, but it looked great on the runway.

Most of the dresses were very long, lean and fit close to the body for a sultry looks when the model walked. If you have fit arms, this was the collection to show them off. Metallic accents like gold metallic large flowers and leaves were a pretty accent against a stark black ground. The lacquered sequins and lace gave an elegant, more contemporary look to the classic dress shapes.

Working with Carmen Marc Valvo and many of his team was a highlight of my school days at Parsons School of Design. Many of the team have moved on since then and I am happy to say we are still friends. Carmen himself has gone through some big challenges and I am glad to see he has come out a better designer than ever.

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