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Saturday, February 13, 2016

NYFW: Desigual Fall 2016 - Cool Metropolis

On the first day of Fashion Week, our city of New York became fresh thanks to Desigual's Fall 2016 show. Around the world Fashionistas' schedules are always packed with great designers', shows but there is no better city than NYC to unveil a collection inspired by Metropolis.
In a decor made of skyscrapers, the music gives the tone, ultra rhythmic, reflecting vibrant streets as hubs of communication or hearts pumping lifeblood. The first look appears and the runway starts blooming with gorgeous floral patterns, from the long chiffon dress up to the beret! Other looks feature flowers - a joyful pattern typical of Desigual - but mixed with turtlenecks, embroidered on a warm jacket or printed here on an overcoat and there on a matching velvet suit. So flowers will keep us all warm this winter. Flowers again can be found on tights and even on some of the boots heels. I would love these boots, so uniquely Desigual!
With a metropolis as an inspiration Desigual offers plenty of other patterns - its "marque de fabrique": geometric, striped, plaid, tartan, herringbone or abstract with sources in Scotland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Japan or France. I was pleased to see this wink to my home country in the form of lovely berets. These layers over layers of patterns must feel extra cozy, with matching or opposite symbols and bold colors. They create lively colorful silhouettes wearing the colors of life. The models walk fast like busy New Yorkers.
I loved how the coats or overcoats are worn with a belt, like Romans would have done but asymmetric in a new century twist. Worn over a skirt or by itself, or very short with tights. There are very few solid colored looks except for a magnificent white coat or denim, adding more colors to the Desigual palette. Warm colors and embroideries give this collection a very luxurious vibe. My favorite look was an all red model: floral coat with a plaid beret. By the way I adore all the hats in this collection: a yellow plaid hat, a green hat, floral berets and interesting metallic turbans that gave a touch of the 50s. The collection also appeals to the 90s through the music that played, to the 60s with a kind of rock & roll side and it took also from the Bohemian 70s. What makes this show so joyful and optimistic is also the fact that all the models had beautiful smiles on their face and this is part of the Desigual style that I love. LA VIDA ES CHULA (life is cool).
Written by Geraldine Trippitelli of Mazette Media, photos by Mariana Leung

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