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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shoe Worship: Taiwan's Church of High Heels

Shopaholics and fashion fans love to joke about their devotion to their shoe collection. Apparently the congregation in the seaside town of Budai has taken this to heart. The glorious high heel shoe-shaped church is scheduled to open by Chinese New Year in early February.

The shoe church is already a tourist attraction, resembling a giant Cinderella fantasy in blue glass. The church was built to attract female members, making itself Instagram-worthy with love seats, fashionable decor and even sweet treats to entice women to join.

This isn't the first giant, fashion accessory-shaped building in Asia. Korea has the Simone Handbag Museum which is shaped like a purse. Unlike the church, it is a cultural institution that actually has handbags as their exhibit.

Does this church leader really think that this is all it takes to inspire women to religious faith? That might be shallow, but a giant shoe in Taiwan's Southwest Coast National Scenic area is great for traffic and possibly foreign income. Can stilettos bring you closer to God?

Photo from the Daily Mail UK

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