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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blogger Love: Color Lust and Unexpected Trends

This week's edition of Blogger Love includes guides for wearing 2016's hottest hues. Lisa Walker of Independent Fashion Bloggers has this take on the latest roundup:

Colors, hues, and shades, oh my! In addition to the discussion of the 2016 Pantone colors and the who, what, where to wear them, shades of blush and black seem to have made it to the top of the honorary colors list. Now, perhaps it has to do with the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, but I was still loving all the color stories IFB bloggers were telling. Please continue to gear up for the holiday of love, and I’ll look forward to a few more love and color centric posts as the 14th of February nears.
Large or small, wardrobes can make or break getting ready for the day or a night out on the town. Read up on tips to building a capsule or classic wardrobe that will make you think twice the next time you are out shopping. Plus, reasons why and how to hold on to that leather coat. Also, a look back to a time before blogging, as well as services and point of views to consider in the business of blogging.
And proof that I must live under a rock surfaced when two fashion trends emerged that had yet to make it on my radar. Faux freckles and cape blazers. What?

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