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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jedi Chic: Greg Lauren Spring 2016

greg lauren fashion
greg lauren spring 2016

Are you already lined up for the Star Wars Force Awakens opening? Greg Lauren's upcoming spring 2016 collection looked like it was designed for the new Jedi warriors. The look was rugged, post-apocolyptic yet elegant in its own way.

The nephew of Ralph Lauren, Greg was first known as an actor (Boogie Nights, Batman Begins) and artist. His artistic work has a certain romantic, decimated earth look to it that translates into his fashion collection. If the Mad Max Fury Road crew and the Hunger Games coal miners had a designer boutique, this label would fit right in.

While the runway looks may look a bit theatrical, the individual garments are very wearable. They have a comfortable, upscale linen look to them. A mix of European relaxed elegance and American swagger. The fabrics have multiple dyed and faded treatements to them. The silhouettes may look loose and casual, but they actually hang on the body with a deceptively tailored fit.

greg lauren designer
photos by Mariana Leung

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