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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Checking In to Jack Daniels Motel No. 7

jack daniels motel 7
jack daniels party

Thursday night I checked in and out of Motel No. 7 and it was the best night ever. The legendary whiskey brand of Jack Daniels transformed a warehouse space in Greenpoint Brooklyn into an epic themed party.

You start by checking into the "motel" to get your key and scan tag which is used to document your photo opportunities around the event space. There was a tiny indoor pool to the right of the retro vending machines and reception where staff provided swimsuits and towels if you wanted to take a dip.

Motel No. 7 was the celebration of Jack Daniels and Rock n' Roll

A vintage styled salon provided makeup and haircuts. Another station had artisans laser cutting the event graphics onto whiskey barrel pieces as a souvenir. You could get caricatures drawn, t-shirts printed for you, pose in the "royal suite" while taking in live performances from the band The Cloud Nothings.

The food menu consisted of old-school breakfast offerings like tator tots with bacon, mini egg sandwiches, and sausage croissants. They paired that with Jack Daniels and your choice of ginger beer, coke, iced tea, etc. I'm not sure a sommelier would approve, but I'm sure plenty of rockers do.

Speaking of rockers, the upstairs contained surprises in every motel room. It was set up like a big rock n' roll party. There was a suite lit with black light and artwork. You could dress in velvet capes, spiked collars. A makeup artist provided an evil eye look if needed and then you could do your best air-guitar performance on the curtain draped bed.

There was a Vegas-style wedding chapel, complete with hyper bridesmaids and Elvis impersonator. I was able to witness real couples getting married, officiated by none other than newly ordained minister Andrew W.K. 

There were multiple rooms with bands performing, rappers, a bachelorette party room, a lounge where they made doughnuts to order with chocolate Jack Daniels sauce and hot cider. Hubby's favorite was the big pillow fight room where the floor to ceiling was filled with pillows. The under appreciated room was the photo gallery of iconic rock n' roll images of people like Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger. Jack Daniels has been name-checked by many a rock star, this gallery was a visual representation of that.

I had so much fun. It was one of those epic nights where you just sound like Stefan from SNL when you describe it to someone unless you have photos as proof. So here are my photos as proof!

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