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Friday, October 23, 2015

Yandy's Sexy Halloween

Are you the type who chooses the sexy Halloween costume route each year? Is this the holiday that allows you to wear lingerie in public? Yandy.com is your one-stop shop. It has a bigger selection that I could have ever imagined of accessories, intimate apparel, costumes pasties, stockings...

Yandy is one of the largest lingerie e-commerce sites. They realized many of their designers were also making costumes as an extension of their collections. What's interesting about mass market costumes is that they follow trends in mainstream fashion regardless of the "characters" of the costume.

Sexy witch costumes are a mainstay, but recent seasons had costume makers adding peplums and high leg slits to the costumes. Lolitas and Goth doll looks are popular with lingerie inspired costumes, but ombre tights have become a part of the ensemble as a trickle-down effect from the runways. Mermaid hair and mermaid makeup looks was hot for the summer. It's not a stretch for it to be one of the hottest costumes in the fall.

For some reason, Little Red Riding hood remains one of the most popular costumes year after year. However soon to be iconic looks from pop icons like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry make best sellers too.

As a sign of the times, one of the most recent trends in Halloween costumes come from social media. The site's biggest bestseller is the blue/black vs gold/white dress , inspired by the debate over a photo of an ugly dress that went viral. Sexy costumes have become politicized quite a bit in recent years. Are women who are part of the military or medical professions being objectified with lingerie versions of their jobs? I personally think this is a fashion version of what the adult film industry does when it parodies mainstream movies. No one actually confuses the wearer of these costumes as the real thing. No  one takes a woman less seriously as a result of these costumes do they?

For me, I went to town on the accessories. They have terrific masks for characters or just really pretty lace or metal ones. There are great headpieces that I might work into a night on the town Halloween or not. Of course, being obsessed with tights, I already picked up ombre, bear print and multi-textured lace tights thanks to a gift card.

As for the sexy Halloween costumes (aka novelty lingerie), it is just too cold in the Northeast for me to pull that off personally. Of course indoors, (Halloween is also Hubby's birthday) I have a coquettish look ready.

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