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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paul Frank Spring 2015 Circus

Hey little monkeys! The most whimsical fashion show of NY Fashion Week had to be the circus party of the Paul Frank children's fashion collection. A garage event space on the West Side was turned into a carnival featuring aerialists, hoop spinners, actors on stilts and lots of other amusements.

While the famous Paul Frank sock monkey was present on a smaller scale, the spring clothing collection was about celebrating motifs of other animals like zebra stripes, tiger and leopard spots. Sporty separates with athletic stripes and some glittery accents also made the mix.

Celebrity guests included Rachel Zoe and family. Also, strangely, a "celebrity" dog named Marnie who is famous for a tongue that seems permanently hung out to one side.

It was hot as hell and humid from the pouring rain at the party. That didn't stop guests (me) from chowing down on marshmallow ice cream and popcorn. Marnie the dog enjoyed cotton candy, a meal
that I doubt was endorsed by a vet.

NYFW gets too serious and too uptight at times. Thank you Paul Frank for letting big kids and little kids just have fun.
photos by Mariana Leung

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