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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Head to Uptown Fashion Week

united palace fashion show
uptown fashion week

My NYFW jumpstarted with Uptown Fashion Week before the bigger events downtown. The United Palace Theater is arguably the most dramatic venue for fashion shows this week if not the most gorgeous building in New York.

It was built as one of the original Loews "Wonder Theaters" in the 1920s. The opulent architecture is a mix of Moorish, Orientalism, and Rococo. The Washington Heights treasure is now a cultural center supporting all aspects of the arts. Adele and Lorde have performed here in recent years. There was a recent series of NYC themed movies that often included New York celebrities that participated in the films. This would be the third year that the United Palace Theater has hosted Uptown Fashion Week.

gold balcony
photos by Mariana Leung
The first year of Uptown Fashion Week only had six designers participating. This year, there are 32. There is a focus on Latin designers since a good portion of the community has its roots in South America. (This was particularly evident during the press conference where English-speaking people had a disadvantage). However, the events over the next few days cover other aspects of fashion often ignored in the mainstream NY Fashion productions. Plus-sized fashion is highlighted as well as the LGBT community.

In the spirit of inclusivity, fashion fans who were not invited to the VIP gala on Saturday are welcome to watch the livestream of the runway show right in the auditorium. That's right, any member of the public can enjoy the beauty of the United Palace Theater along with the models.

To give a preview of the fashion shows to come, designer Migdoel Figueroa sent out a parade of beaded evening wear that suited the venue perfectly.

To attend Uptown Fashion Week at the United Palace Theater, register for the events on the website.

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