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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Upgrade Your Laundry With Tide Pods

This site reports on tons of fashion. I realized I never addressed the care of such fashion. I was introduced to Tide PODs with Febreze back in NY Fashion Week last February. The squishy little pouches were cute to look at but the pods seemed like a novelty to use.

I won’t lie, I hate laundry. As a Manhattanite, I don’t have a washer and dryer directly in my apartment and have to use commercial machines. Anything that makes this process easier is fabulous in my book. The pods are a 4-in-1 combo of detergent, softener, fabric freshener and agent to brighten colors. I have a cat and don’t do laundry nearly as much as most people should. Popping in the little pods into the machine with my clothes without worrying about multiple bottles, boxes and measuring does streamline the process.

I have sensitive skin, prone to allergies, so I was worried about a switch to a product with scent. I am happy to say that I felt absolutely no irritation from my laundered clothes. It was also a bonus that everything smelled fresh. While the advertising says the scent lasts 24 hours, I found that my linens and towels maintained the lovely notes for over a week in my closet.

As a fashion industry vet, I wash more clothes in the machine than recommended. Clothing labels err on the side of caution and asking customers to dry clean everything is just easier from a legal standpoint. While silk crepe and charmeuse tend to shrink after the wash (which is fine for my nightgowns), I wouldn’t bother with fitted blouses. Knits and even cashmere can be washed in the machines, just make sure you use cold water and lay them flat to drive (do NOT put them in the dryer). For cotton knits, many are treated to a silicone wash at retail to pop the colors, so no matter what, they will fade. Your best bet is always to turn any intense color or dark colored clothing inside out.

Between running around from show to show next week, Tide PODS with Febreze will be my MVP for NYFW. Save your clothes save the world. Follow them on Tide Facebook for discounts, coupons, tips.

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