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Saturday, September 19, 2015

#NYFW: Gypsy Sport Spring 2016

This was not the biggest name on the NYFW schedule, but this was a show I was not going to miss. Based on their menswear presentation, I knew Gypsy Sport was going to be a spectacular display of fashion/performance art.

This fashion show wins the award for the most diverse model cast by far. The fashion show opened with a pregnant albino model. The rest of the cast included models of all ethnicities. Bringing new meaning to street style, these models were literally scouted from the street. There were different shapes, sizes, blurred genders.

Much like the models themselves, this collection was about art, street life and a love of New York City. The clothing itself was mix of prints, stripes, and Gypsy Sport logos. Lacing details merging into fringe was a prominent detail all over the pieces for both men and women. Swing shapes and ruffles were details that also adorned mens' and women's looks that the models flaunted with dancing and dramatic poses.

Models were styled with deliberately smeared makeup. It was an intentional look to reject perfection. Some of the old school photographers didn't quite get it. They were trying to figure out what stores were carrying the clothes. It wasn't about that. Gypsy Sport Spring 2016, like most fashion shows, you need to see past the styling. They styling is the art. the clothes and your models just some of the mediums in which you work.

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