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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blogger Love: The End of Summer?

Accessories were a strong theme this week with posts about handbags, eyewear, jewelry and shoes.  Followed by trends that IFB Bloggers are currently obsessing over.  How to pull off wearing sheer in the real world, high-waisted skirts meet cropped tops at just about any age, and tassels aren’t just for the drapes anymore.
We had a couple soap box moments regarding fashion sizing and why women deserve more pockets.  Love the passion!
Some real life posts about the struggles of finding your dream paying job, dealing with blogger burnout, and how fashion can help uplift spirits in some of life’s most sorrowful times.
Oh, and guess who uttered “Fall” already, as in a Fall nail color collection in their post?  {gasp}  Summer Ends?

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