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Monday, July 27, 2015

Top Trends from Miami Swim Week

The hottest fashion shows of the country (both literally and in attitude) was in South Beach. Distinct fashion trends from Miami Swim Week emerged. We rounded up the top trends for the beach for the upcoming year:

Get a hold on the best fashion trends for the beach

Flash Tattoos 
Metallic body jewelry was everywhere. I saw these on multiple runways and all over the streets. It makes sense. actual jewelry is too heavy in the humidity and how else do you glam up your look when you're wearing nothing more than a few inches of bikini?

This was the one of the top trends for the fall 2015 shows in New York Fashion Week. This detail also ruled the runways of Miami as well. Fringe decorated everything from necklines to sleeves to skirts and tunic hems. Any body part you can shake is a place that you can add some fringe.

The Butt-revealing Cut
 The posterior is the erogenous zone of this decade. While thongs are more daring than many women are comfortable with, the high-cut back to frame the behind was popular across almost every collection I saw in South Beach. I'm just waiting for the hip-hop community to immortalize this silhouette in music.

Photos by Mariana Leung and David TW Leung
Bollywood Chic
Several swimwear labels looked to the East for their muse this season. The Filthy Haanz show used gold thread embroidery, color-blocked styles inspired by the Indian flag and prints that took its muse from the graffiti of Mumbai. Dijana's fashion show opened with traditional Indian dancers. San Lorenzo Bikinis opened their show paying tribute to yoga and multi-limbed deities.

South Beach brought the heat. Now it's up to your to bring Miami Swim Week's hot trends to your own sandy runway.

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by Ms. Fabulous at Mode

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