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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nautica Spring 2016

nyfwm nautica

Thanks for the pecs and eye candy! My former employer Nautica presented their spring 2016 menswear collection yesterday. Creative director Steve McSween wanted to exude a feeling of urban city meets the water.

I thought that summed up what the modern Nautica brand was all about. It's simple, yet somehow the company under VF Corp didn't figure that out for years. I see the sleeker direction the clothing has taken that suits the lifestyle of the city gentleman. Referencing the nautical inspiration and water is more about an attitude and lifestyle you want to project towards your weekend.

While their New York Fashion Week Men's paired their sportswear items like blazers and outerwear with their swimwear, it clearly was not meant to be taken literally. The swimwear had a slimmer, flattering fit. The outerwear had a stylish, easy approach. I found it brave, but effective not to show other categories to flesh out the full collection (like shirts, their classic polo knit, etc.) They showed the two product categories where they excelled. Plus, they clearly realized that everyone already knows what a basic woven shirt and polo looks like. (If they don't, Macy's will hit them over the head with ads by Father's Day.)

While I was sad to see all but three people I knew still at the company to give hugs to, I was happy to hear that the new director was a cool guy. Happy spring 2016 for Nautica.
photos by Mariana Leung

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