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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miami Swim Week: Liliana Montoya Swim 2016

miami swim week bikini

liliana montoya bikini

Columbia in the house! Designer Liliana Montoya presented a super-sexy "mermaid" collection for Miami Swim Week. It was bold bikini after bikini. If you like to play with your straps, this swimwear collection is for you. Liliana Montoya had every configuration of ties, straps and laces to frame the body in all sorts of artistic ways.

There were vivid, digitally printed botanical patterns that were mirrored to flattering effect. For sexy bikinis that are not meant for the water, there were sparkly sequined tops paired simple bottoms.

The most popular accessory by far was the shiny metallic Flash Tattoos that act as body jewelry. The stylists applied these in a complementary manner to highlight shapes of the bathing suits and accent parts of the body according to the model's signature poses.

Looking at the footwear, it was clear that the trick of wearing a nude colored heel to lengthen your legs must be true. This runway was a parade of glamazons in South Beach.

Liliana Montoya Swimwear was about feminine luxury conveyed through texture and design. This was the first show I shot this year in South Beach and it was a great start!

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