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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miami Swim Week: Gottex 2016

gottex miami swim week
miami swim gottex

Gottex is one of the poshest swimwear collections at Miami Swim Week. Something about their vivid color prints and detailing just makes their swimwear look like only fit in on a million-dollar yacht in St. Tropez or Cannes.

I just can't picture a woman swimming laps in a generic pool, or barely getting wet in these looks in general. There were elegant hardware embellishments, eveningwear style shirring, and metallic fabrics. I fell in love with the gorgeous embroidered flowers, but would be afraid to destroy them at the nearest swim-up bar.

Perhaps that's just the accomplishment of the designers to create a collection that looks that lovely. The luxury swimwear label is accessible but doesn't look it. It maintains an upscale persona for customers to strive for.

The look is sexy, but more flattering (i.e. forgiving) than they initially look. The twist front styling or the shirring at the waist disguise softer parts. The low cuts or high cuts elongate parts of the body you would want to extend. The sheer wraps of fabric around the body conceal and distract the eye more than reveal. As you can see, playing with a flowing piece of material just looks dramatic (and fun).

Gottex Swimwear 2016 will be your go-to label when you want to dress to impress at the beach club. If you want the look of high-end designer details, but still be able to fall into the pool, this collection is for you.
photos by Mariana Leung


Kyle Langan said...


Melissa Cruz said...

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Patranila said...

Theses are beautiful. I really like the black one with the plunging neckline. Ooh la la!

The Get Fit Diva said...

Talk about dress to impress...love all these Gottex designs! I love the fine details and beadwork.

UrbLife said...

*does 50 situps* *passes out* *does 50 more* *dies* - that's my whole life after looking at these pics... The lion one-piece is amazeballs!

UrbLife said...

Some of the prettiest swim suits I've ever seen - so good!

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