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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Viniq Hosts a Ruby Spa Day

viniq ruby cocktail
red door spa party
Day Two of Ms. Fabulous Cocktail Week. I was treated to an indulgent afternoon at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Midtown Manhattan. The host was Viniq Ruby, a gorgeous blend of vodka, berry, Moscato and citrus.

The theme of course, was ruby red. Ruby is my birthstone. Macarons looked like they were encrusted with crushed rubies. Sparkly jello shots made with Viniq looked like little jewels. We were treated to a multi-course cocktail tasting to feature the flavors of Viniq. I personally love the original in purple and the now the new Ruby version in red in the bottle itself. Its' signature look is an iridescent shimmering texture in the bottle as a result of mica being added. This is a sparkling additive usually found in candy and pastry but this is the only brand that featured it in the drink. I'm

The Red Door Spa is one of my favorite places in the city. The posh treatment rooms were like a maze of relaxation. Mini massages got everyone into a zen mood. Guests took turns receiving manicures in different shades of red. The final treatment was to get a fabulous braid creation.

If you're ready to indulge at home (and I will) here is a recipe for the "A-List" cocktail that I am grabbing for up top:

2 oz. Viniq Ruby
3 oz. champagne

Pour into a champagne glass and served chilled.

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