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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Deniss Basso's Glam, Fur & Jewels Fall 2015

Have you been missing the runway reports? I was editing my closet this week and wishing I had a proper occasion (and weather) to wear my furs and jewels. Why? Dennis Basso displayed a gorgeous parade of 1970's inspired glam upgraded with luxurious furs, metallic fabrics and opulent jeweled embroideries.

A collection of big furs and glitzy gowns would normally feel stuffy or skew older. However, the swagger of the big collars and attitude of the models read more like luxe disco queen than dowager countess.

The jewel embroidery was a mix of smokey colors and pewter. It had a vintage look to it. the irregular shapes of the stones had an edgy look in contrast to the luxe furs. There were over-sized handbags of fur on fur as well.

Dennis Basso's last runway show is heavily featured in the upcoming film "Stealing Chanel". It serves as a backdrop in the high fashion education of a budding thief. If the movie doesn't school you on glamour, this show certainly did.

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