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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Indie Designer Pitch Night at This Is Story

bloomsburysq bath
rachel schechtman adam glassman

Entrepreneurs showed their stuff earlier this week in hopes of being a part of NYC's most interesting retail project. Creators pitched STORY  founder Rachel Schechtman and Oprah Magazine's Creative Director Adam Glassman.  The boutique in Chelsea takes the "Point of view of a Magazine, Changes like a Gallery, Sells things like a Store". 

The store is an ever-evolving concept around a central theme or story. Right now, its "HER" story, focusing on women, a DressBar collection, groupings of merchandise curated by prominent women. Previous stories included themes of Love, Home for the Holidays, Style, Tech and Wellness. During the theme, there are related events with prominent speakers, workshops and socials,

Pitch Night at Story is for Makers to be Discovered and Network

I learned about STORY's famous Pitch Night at Martha Stewart's American Made conference. This is a night for entrepreneurs, creators, makers to pitch Schechtman and guests of honor (previous judges included Whoopi Goldberg). Each business owner has exactly three minutes to tell their story and present their product.

mariana leung fashion
Weng Meng Design
I write about opportunities for my fellow designers. I figured it was time for me to put my own skills to use and pitch myself. I pitched my designer's pin-cushion ring I created for my fellow sewers. I also pitched my hand-beaded belts, jewelry and handbags from my Weng Meng Design label. 

My time with Adam Glassman and Rachel Schechtman was not a formal 3-minute presentation. It was more of a conversation. I loved how enthusiastic and engaged each of them were in what I presented. They could make the most nervous artist comfortable.  

The other purpose of Pitch Night was so that the creators and entrepreneurs could gather and network with each other while they waited for their turn to present. Collaborations had been formed, new professional relationships formed among the social atmosphere (and beer and snacks) provided by STORY.

I enjoyed speaking to Niambi Caccioli, founder of Bloomsbury Sq. who produces preservative-free bath products from New Jersey. I am enjoying the refreshing scent of the workout afterglow spray as I write this. I also met jewelry designer Dana Phillips who infuses Reiki energy into each of her Tulaa Jewelry designs. 

So are you ready to tell your story? Is your collection ready to be seen by the most influential retailers and editors out in the industry? Get on STORY's e-mail list to pitch or discover their next theme.

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