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Friday, May 29, 2015

Aritzia Fall 2015

Welcome back one of my favorite Canadian clothing chain Aritzia who have rolled South to Soho. Their fall 2015 line-up was preppy and cozy. There were a lot of classic autumn colors like maroon, charcoal, gold and midnight. However, there were muted pastels and creams added as well. 

Aritzia had a lot of traditional wool blends and corduroy that makes their collection practical for work and play. To add more flavor to the mix, were lots of furry textures and novelty knits. 
Short A-line skirts and cropped pants were meant to ease the transition from summer to fall to winter. (Canada's weather is very unpredictable). Warm coats and sweaters were key.

I really like their handbag collection. The structured, faceted silhouettes of their leather handbags always stand out in the store. They updated their purses with trendy colors this season.  Their over-sized scarves and shawls are a favorite of mine. They had more of an ethnic attitude with their rich dyes and patterns. I recently wore one for my (teeny background) role on Netflix's new television show.

Aritzia's fall 2015 collection is not stuffy or formal. Like most Canadians I know, the boutique represents a comfortable but put together esthetic that works for the office, but stylish or relaxed enough for the weekend, even at home. Maybe that's why I like visiting this store. It feels like a trip to see my hometown peeps.

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