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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Malan Breton Brides & Grooms 2016

malan breton fashion show
malan breton menswear

The young couples of Malan Breton always have a nostalgic quality to them. They silhouettes are like an optimistic prom from the 1950's, but with contemporary color palettes and a lot more diversity.

The brides did not stick with traditional white, but soft colors and romantic patterns. There were even some beautifully tailored suits fit for the feminine body for brides who prefer to wear the pants or ladies who serve as the best man at a wedding. The grooms had a range of hues to choose from as well. In addition to the classic black and white, there were rich blues, champagne, pewter to a stunning fuschia.

I love Breton's use of color and luxurious fabrics in this and his main collection. He shows you can dress with a classic esthetic but without being stuffy or bland.

He's one of the biggest cheerleaders for his home country of Taiwan. In the same month as presenting this bride and groom's fashion show simultaneously on the Empire Hotel Rooftop, he is also debuting his film (didn't you know he was a film director too?) at the Director's Guild of America. Everyone from Daniel Craig, Michael Buble to Kerry Washington and Ariana Grande count themselves as fans.

Update 4/30/2015: 
I just returned from a screening of Malan Breton and Bonnie Bien's film debut of The Journey to Taiwan. I have to say it was an absolutely beautiful love letter to Breton's home country. The colors, his visual storytelling, along with his own narration of his journey really captured the soul of what inspires a fashion designer.

Both in the film and an emotional Q & A afterwards, he spoke of his grandmother as the most beautiful and stylish woman he had ever encountered. She was a fan of French Haute Couture, but also re-made her favorite European silhouettes with traditional Chinese fabrics. You can definitely see how this aesthetic imprinted onto Malan Breton's own design work. His recent NY Fashion Week shows have all included elegant western styling blended with the most beautiful Chinese silks and Chinese details.

I can't wait to see the next step in Malan Breton's beautiful journey!
photos by Mariana Leung


Mademoiselle Nomad said...

Very sophisticated!

Mademoiselle Nomad said...

As a sophisticated nomad, this post has now planted a seed in my future wedding projects... I can totally picture it... Gypsy dress.... pearls, lace etc... wow.

Mademoiselle Nomad said...

Bamboo shirts, that's clever. I have used bamboo towels before (you're right super soft!!!) and I can simply imagine how the shirts feel on one's body. Hmmmm. bliss.

UrbLife said...

I love unique weddings! Now, I wonder what the food would be like with this nomad theme? And I'm sad I'm thinking about food while looking at skinny people in dresses... lol

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