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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alternatives to Festival Fashion Cliches

Are you partying it up at Coachella? Outside of fashion week, it is one of the most anticipated displays of bohemian style and festival fashion. Coachella, the Governor's Ball, SXSW, are all competing for post-hippie glam. Of course, in the few years since Coachella launched, certain types of festival fashion have already become cliche. Here's how to update your boho chic:

Let's not be a Coachella style stereotype

1. Don't be on the fringe.
Fringe is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this year across all categories of fashion. I can't wait to rock a few pieces this fall. However, when you are outside, sitting on the grass all day, your trendy fringed vest or handbag is sweeping up everything you come in contact with. Picture all the dirt (or worse from the Porta-potty) that you will have collected.  Of course, you can still have a beautiful, crafty, hippie styled look with a flowing crochet vest. It has pretty patterns and open weave that give a feminine touch to your festival outfit.

2. Flower crowns to Goddess crown.
If there were one unofficial  mascot for festival style, it would be the flower crown. This item certainly didn't start with Coachella. Ladies at Woodstock were sporting daisy crowns along with peace and love long before this generation. For a 2015 update, how about going back to ancient Greece? Laurel crowns can give festival fans some beautiful Goddess chic. There are some gorgeous pieces to be found on Etsy.

3. Gladiator Sandals to Ancient Greek Sandal
The gladiator sandal looked great in all the street style snaps in 2013. However, what do you think your tan lines will look like after a full day in the desert sun?  Ditch the Romans and the avoid making your legs look like a picket fence. Go for some Ancient Greek sandals like this with a low profile instead.

4. Crop it and reverse it
If there was a runner-up for Festival fashion mascot, it would have to be the peasant-like crop top. Coachella street style snaps are filled with these little tops on women with the smokin' bodies. That's fine if you are comfortable showing your belly. For those of us without the teeny flat stomach, but want to show some skin, I vote for the short, flirty slip dress. A swishy hem is forgiving for those nights where you, um, got the munchies for some reason. A short frock like this Southwest Racerback dress from Aeropostale allows you show off shapely legs if you have them.

Music and art festivals like Coachella are a celebration of creativity. Make sure you add your own creativity when putting together your festival fashion wardrobe.

Photos from Etsy, People Magazine, Blush Boutique, Neiman Marcus, Mariana Leung, Antropologie

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