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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Stylish Earth Day Finds

bio seaweed gel polish

Happy Earth Day my loves! Being a fashion and beauty fan isn’t always the most eco-friendly attitude. Frankly, it shouldn’t be Earth Day, but an on-going approach to your sartorial choices.

Here are my favorite Earth Day Fashion and Beauty finds:

1. The Bamboo Shirt
I was introduced to P3 Bamboo shirts through the team at designer Zang Toi. Bamboo is a sustainable fiber. It is hardy, doesn’t need pesticides, a little water, and little space to grow.  It isn’t just the fiber itself that makes it eco-friendly. The breathability and anti-microbial qualities mean it needs to be washed less. Less laundry saves water and potential toxic cleaning ingredients from that water as well.

There is a good selection of basic silhouette tops and colors. They are super soft so I can totally see why fans (like myself) are happy to wear these every day as my basic shirt. I was pleasantly surprised at their affordability too.

2. Health Gel Manicures
My girlfriend loved getting gel manicures. Since becoming a conscientious Mom, she has shied away from nail lacquers because of all the toxic ingredients involved when you put it on AND when you remove them. I was just introduced to Bio Seaweed Gel polish. It doesn’t have any of the “big 5” (no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, solvents, etc.) It doesn’t need a special lamp; you just cure your nails in natural sunlight.  This is the healthier option of gel nails, and they hail from my childhood suburb of Scarborough, Ontario. The brand has a gorgeous range of trendy colors and sparkly shades. Your mani doesn’t chip for two weeks like your traditional gel manicure, but unlike the traditional job, it only takes 5 minutes to take it off.

3. Alkemie Reclaimed Jewelry
Love artisanal jewelry? One of the best ways to be green is to upcycle gold. The husband-and-wife makers behind Alkemie Jewelry used reclaimed metals and manufactured locally in Los Angeles. They make sure each piece is lead and nickel free and are committed to running a sustainable design company. They cast pieces like this stunning Gingko leaf bracelet through the traditional lost-wax process.

4. Angela Roi Gives Back
How cute is the handbag? One of my fellow Twitter #stylechat buddies introduced me to Angela and Roi. They were entrepreneurs who met in college and had mutual interests in fashion and philanthropy. The created a stylish handbag brand that is affordable (almost all styles were $150 or under) well made and vegan. But not only that, each bag and color also corresponds to a cause that they contribute to. It makes you feel good to shop stylish and know you are helping a worthy cause as well. 

5. Come Visit Olsenhaus
Striped heels for spring? Yes, please. Olsenhaus makes these fab shoes from cotton, cork, and composite rubber. Founded by a vocal advocate on behalf of animal rights, Elizabeth Olsen created the company to provide stylish options made with healthy vegan materials and ethical manufacturing. 

So now you see that you can be a fashionista and care about your planet. Go ahead and check out my guide for 10 ways to green your wardrobe for sustaining Earth Day style all year. Now go hug a tree or something. 

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