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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kate Spade Fall 2015

Have you met the Fantastic Mr. Fox? Kate Spade's Fall 2015 collection was styled in the quirky chic aesthetic that I  love film director Wes Anderson for.

The overall presentation had rustic elements in wool plaid and fur clutch handbags. There was an artsy element in the Roald Dahl inspired sketches along the walls and whimsical colour palettes. There were Kate Spade's signature feminine (though not girly) accessories of hats and gloves with the candy box handbags. The larger carryall purses were either crocodile embossed leather or color blocked. The starring Mr. Fox was featured a leather applique face on bags and sweaters.

photos by Mariana Leung
The retro styling of the clothes themselves did look like they could fit into a Wes Anderson movie. Skirt lengths were either short or Ladylike A-line past the knee. Sweep Peter Pan collars added to the deceptively demure looks with a modern edge when paired with heeled oxford shoes. The bright pink and floral prints looked like they could fit into a painted movie set or out on the streets.

I love that the Kate Spade brand has continued to keep her tongue-in-cheek attitude throughout the years. While personal style is nothing to joke about, fashion should never be taken too seriously.


Patranila said...

These pieces are fantastic! It must have been amazing to see his process. I'd love to do that one day.

Angel Rodriguez said...

Am I a bad person cause I looked at the pictures before reading the post? Particularly the picture of the hot lady. LOL. I'm not a huge fashion guy, cause I'm a brute, but I can appreciate art, and the pieces are dope.

UrbLife said...

OMG the dresses are to DIE for! And they remind me, I need to get back in the gym... Really pretty designs!!!

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