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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Desigual Fall 2015 With Chantelle Brown Young

desigual model skin
desigual fashion show

Fashion should have something for everyone. Spanish label Desigual made a statement on their fall 2015 runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with a model lineup that represented a broad range of looks.

Their new spokesmodel Chantelle Brown Young opened the show. She was originally scouted by fan Tyra Banks to compete in America's Next Top Model. She stood out for her unique skin patterns as a result of a condition called vitiligo. While Chantelle was teased as a child, she has the last laugh from the end of top runways this season for New York Fashion Week. She was chosen to represent Desigual because her originality, beauty and multiple colors was in sync with the brand itself. Some of the prints of the collection seemed to be designed to line up with the patterns of her own skin like they were designed just for her.

The other models flaunted wild natural hair and big smiles. The other photographers and I always love shooting this show because the models get to dance and have fun.

The clothing was very cozy with woven, folk art type patterns that had hints of Native American blankets, South American motifs. Other prints echoed painted abstract art. The short easy dresses are perfect for romping around in. The tapestry coats are great to make a statement when the weather gets chilly. Accessories included handbags that matched the prints and hats with big over sized pom poms.

I love that a brand that really tries to appeal to the independent spirit and being unique actually hired a model that embodies that. I found that diversity was not well represented on this season's runways as a whole, but this is one of the few shows that always has international appeal. Keep the party going Desigual!
photos by Mariana Leung


Gainsboro said...

I agree with you completely Ms. Fabulous!! I loved this brand at the end of that runway, and the choice of Chantelle Brown Young was Perfect!!!! (I love your "almost Canadian" :) attitude and writing style!!!) Keep up the interesting topics and the great shots!.... and I'll see you next season!! :)

Angel Rodriguez said...

Desigual roughly translates to "not same." Hence why they are doing things different. I dig it!

UrbLife said...

She's so cute! Love that the fashion world has really embraced her unique beauty.

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