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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#NYFW: Carolina Herrera Fall 2015

American fashion icon Carolina Herrera had the most fluid collection this season. By that I mean that theme of fall 2015 was water. Her runway was set up for models to glide in a zig-zag pattern as if they were being pushed along a current. 

The breathtaking gowns had a combination of hand painted patterns of rippling water. There were prints of cresting waves.  Flowing waves were embroidered in contrast patterns or three-dimensional techniques. Some looks had prints of a flowing river embellished with metallic pebbles that looked like they were floating on top. There were fabric strips applied to some outfits that gave a three-dimensional effect of water running through the garment as well.

photos by Mariana Leung

Other great embellishments included shredded organza pieces that were folded and applied with a scattered bead and jewels embroidered on a bodice that gave the effect of (expensive) fallen rain sliding off a rooftop. The more whimsical water reference was a pretty variation on a polka dot print that were actually bubbles.

The color palette was very cool, with blue, gray, black and white. However, there were a few pieces with very bold red flowing through the ripples, almost like blood getting into the stream. The red took over for a few looks in edgy crocodile embossed leather.

This was a breathtaking Carolina Herrera fashion collection. I actually heard guests sigh when the evening wear began crossing the floors. Myself? I am just happy that the soundtrack wasn't running water (can you imagine 1600 people running for the NYFW port-a-potties at the same time?)

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