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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#NYFW: Naeem Khan Spring 2015

naeem khan spring 2015
painted bridal gown

Casual royals? Naeem Khan ' s spring 2015 collection was beautiful,  ornate as usual. However, he also seemed to be tapping into the sporty chic direction many other designers are going for in his own way.

The show started off with shorter dresses, tops that resembled a tshirt and tunic. This is Naeem Khan though, so the deceptively simple pieces were elaborately embellished with gorgeous embroidery. Lots of beads and lots of jewels encrusted 'casual' garments. I guess this is meant for the celebrity or socialite who walks red carpets in daytime?

Then there were the show stopping spring ballgowns. Long, sweeping silk gowns that looked like they were masterfully painted with blooming flowers. Funny how these formal silhouettes did not have embellishments beyond the print.

The color palette was graphic back and white, bold tropical colors or monochromatic metallic when it came to the embroidery.  The closer you look at the beadwork or threadwork, the more intricate it seems. 

The models were styled very simply. Loose, natural hair and makeup so the clothing is the star. The Naeem Khan spring 2015 collection is definitely one of art that needs to be appreciated in person!
embroidery design
Photos by Mariana Leung

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Carsla Peyton said...

Such gorgeous gowns! What a collection. (:

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http://www.carseyyycakes.tumblr.com | xoxo

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