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Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Beauty Hacks From Your Kitchen

dr oz mariana leung

I made my second appearance on the Dr. Oz show this week. I demonstrated the simple beauty hack of reviving your mascara with your microwave. I thought I might share a few more additional DIY beauty tricks you can perform in your kitchen.

Dried Mascara
Stick your old mascara in a microwave safe mug filled halfway with water. Put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and check your mascara texture. If you have some contact lens solution, add a few drops of that as well.  It’s not a permanent fix, but will give the mascara an extra day of use in an emergency. My girlfriend Claribel also just let me know that you can use mascara to cover grey hairs and tame flyaways!

Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes
Green tea is the most soothing type for this. After your used tea bags are cool, place them on your closed eyes for a 5-10 minutes to reduce puffiness and swelling. No tea? The classic of cucumber slices cools down stressed eyes too.

Sweet Scrub
Some of the hottest  beauty ingredients right now are coconut oil and honey. Make a scrub out of both of those by adding brown or turbinado/raw sugar. Massage this scrub on dry skin next to your bath tub (it IS super sticky) so you can rinse afterwards without making a mess! Hot water when you rinse can also help melt down the ingredients so they don’t clog your drain.

Manicure Prep
While you have your coconut oil out (or olive oil), warm it to slightly above room temperature and rub on your cuticles. In the winter, my fingers really take a beating, so moisturizing them before a manicure keeps them soft.

Citrus Toner
Again with your coconut oil, you can also make a toner and lightener for your skin by mixing it with some fresh lemon juice. I learned from a fellow guest on the Doctor Oz show that you can get more juice from a lemon by putting it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds first. Be careful that you don’t get it in your eye though!

What are your favorite beauty hacks?

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